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     We are completely satisfied with the work of the cleaner - so professional, focused on detail and fast too. Highly recommend them!
D. Smith01/12/2023
     Domestic cleaning has never looked so good; for sure prices were reasonable, but also Cleaning Company Forest Gate worked in harmony with my way of living.
Bella Webster24/02/2023
     With ForestGateCleaningCarpet, I got a clean carpet at a great price. It was a cleaning service of the highest order.
G. Miller19/05/2020
     I called ForestGateCarpetCleaners to come in and help with domestic cleaning. I was very impressed with the results! Couldn't ask for better service.
     The team didn't waste time and instantly got on with the job at hand. It made for a very speedy and professional spring cleaning service from ForestGateCarpetCleaners.
E. Anderson27/02/2018
     Totally bowled over by the level of professionalism from CarpetCleaningForestGate. I chose them because they were cheapest domestic cleaning service I found, but I've kept them on because they do a great job, are pleasant to be around, turn up on time and never complain. Nice to work with professionals for once.
Audrey Jenkins13/12/2017
     I wanted just to say that ForestGateCleaningCarpet did a great job of cleaning my oven in my new home. I had bought a new house and the fitted kitchen was lovely, but the oven, grills and hobs were a little worse for wear and needed some professional know-how to get rid of the tough burnt on stains and food. The oven cleaners did a great job of removing the built on grime and with fully safe procedures. The oven interior looked so clean and it didn't cost a lot either. I was very happy with how it was all dealt with and will definitely use this service again.
Katherine Butler13/01/2016
     My family was coming over from overseas and I was so busy in the cooking that I had no time to clean. I would just become exhausted from thinking about it. My daughter urged me to hire a cleaning company and I am glad I did so! CarpetCleaningForestGate helped me so much and I am forever grateful to them.
     When the office needs a spring clean we always call ForestGateCarpetCleaners and they are about as hardworking and thorough as a cleaning agency gets. The cleaners they send to us are on the ball, on time and don't miss a speck of dust. The effort this company puts into office cleaning is commendable and they go above and beyond the effort levels of most cleaning companies by doing a job thoroughly and with a lot of attention to detail. The quality of the cleaning services we receive is superb and delivered in the time that we want it doing. Hats off to these specialist cleaners.
     If you need a good service in a hurry this business is really good! My friends and I left all of our cleaning to the last minute and had to hand over our keys to the land-lord asap. One of my house-mates said we might as well just get some help, because it would be taken out of our deposit anyways. So when weighing things up money wise (and also wanting to leave the place in good nick!) we gave ForestGateCarpetCleaners a call and they added to our last day of cleaning. In the end it was worth the price, the place looked awesome, keys handed over on time! Well worth it!
Dwayne H.23/10/2014
     I get my house cleaned by cleaners from ForestGateCarpetCleaners week in and week out and they have never been anything less than wonderful. The cleaners are really professional, always polite and always happy to follow instruction. They are always prompt too which is important when you have a busy lifestyle. I use them for everything from upholstery cleaning to everyday polishing and cleansing. They leave everything they touch looking pristine - it is like they have a magic wand! I am always happy to recommend their service to anyone who needs a cleaner that takes care of them!
Lisa Shelton09/10/2014
     You will likely understand the importance of having a great cleaning company for your office. It has been proven time and time again that staff work much better under less cluttered of dirty conditions, and having the place cleaned every evening ensures that concentration and ease of facility is at its highest possible. You will find that the best way to ensure that you get a good company is simply to ring up ForestGateCarpetCleaners. That's what we did at my office, and we have never looked back!
Gregory Russell31/07/2014